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Friday Programs

Supercoats: A Skin & Coat Care Program For Pet Care Professionals

Pam Lauritzen

How much do you really know about canine Skin & Coat Care? In this fantastic, four hour seminar, Pam will teach you how to analyze and resolve canine skin and coat problems. The following topics will be covered:

Hour 1) Canine Skin & Hair Anatomy

An understanding of canine skin & hair anatomy is essential to maintaining a healthy coat and the treatment of an unhealthy coat. Cellular structures, how skin functions, their epidermal appendages & cellular reproductive processes are highlighted.

Hour 2) Chemicals & Ingredients

Do you understand the difference between products that are keratolytic or keratoplastic? Do you know how to properly use antimicrobial products? Do you understand the effects of aloe, sulfur, coal tar, vitamins, jojoba, proteins, etc. on skin? Learn how the chemicals in the products you use affect skin and coat.

Hour 3) Skin Problems & Lesions

You’ll learn how to topically evaluate, analyze and treat common skin & coat problems. Pam will help you understand primary & secondary lesions and your role as a Pet Care Professional. You’ll learn about skin and coat types and problems — and how to topically treat skin problems. Pam will also help you understand water therapies such as hydrotherapy, wet dressings and heavy rinsing.

Hour 4) Case Studies

Pam will present several case studies and their “step-by-step” treatment programs, followed by an interactive practical skills session to help you understand how to evaluate, develop & initiate appropriate topical therapy programs.

Safety Certification For Groomers

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

The care and safety of pets in our care is our passion. This class will help you keep pets safe in your salon with tips on safe handling and restraint, health, and sanitation. Learn more about protecting eyes and ears, recognizing health problems, and what to do in case of an accident. We will cover the standards created by the PPGSA (Professional Pet Groomers & Stylist Alliance) for safety in the salon. The class will also prepare you for Professional Certification and discuss the benefits of safety certification for all professionals. Set yourself up as the expert with your clients. During the class, we will also discuss tips and techniques to reduce stress, prevent groomer burnout, and Dr. Jim will discuss groomer safety and success. This class includes a frameable “Attendance of Safety Course” to all who complete the class.

Scissors Not Included: Save Time, Save Your Hands

Cheryl Purcell

In this seminar you will learn how to groom with minimal use of scissors. Your trims will be more consistent and of the highest quality, each and every time. This all day seminar will focus on working with poodle type coats, drop coats, double coats, and hard coats. Learn the best attachment comb to use on which trims and how to get a scissor look without all the work. What blade length is best to use under that attachment comb? What is tracking and how do you prevent it? Is it really cheating if you use an attachment comb? Or is it just smart grooming? Come decide for yourself!

Handstripping With Mr. Terrier

Scott Wasserman

If you mention Terriers in the AKC circuit, Scott Wasserman is a name that comes to mind. Join him as he discusses tools and the proper hand stripping techniques that can be used in practical applications in your salon. From harsh coated terriers to sporting dogs, and even those mixed breeds, Scott will share his knowledge on successful hand stripping, ending with a live dog demo.

Hour 1) Understanding the Theory of Hand Stripping

This segment covers hair anatomy, why we hand strip and choosing the right tools for the job.

Hour 2) Technique

This session discusses the technique of hand stripping and covers the steps for staging a coat, rolling a coat and working furnishings, etc.

Hour 3) Patterns, Puppies & Pricing

This segment covers patterns, grooming puppies and elderly dogs. Pricing and marketing will also be discussed.

Hour 4) Hand Stripping demo

The last hour will feature a live demo in a wire coated dog.

Rockin' Some Creative With Cindy And Adriane

Cindy Oliver & Adriane Pope

Come and watch a creative design come to life in just a few hours! From blank to minimal color, all the way to the finished masterpiece. Learn how to create a design, step by step, during this live demo with top creative groomers, Cindy and Adriane. Carving, Coloring, Scissoring, Styling, Detailing, and more; you won’t want to miss this!

Friday Evening

Whose Got Your Back When Reactions, Outbreaks And Injuries Happen?

Dave Campanella

Salon injuries and accidents happen. It’s not a matter of “If” something goes wrong, but when, how often or how severe. Confidently assess what has happened, know what to do next and stop repeat occurrences. Dave presents simple methods, facts and resources to face and resolve challenges professionally. Dealing with Clients, Product Manufacturers and Veterinarians can often be more challenging than what actually happened. Know what to say to clients, what to ask when reaching out to manufacturers, and how to score points with Veterinarians. No one gets thrown under the bus ever again.

The Art Of Scissoring

Mackensie Murphy & Anne Francis

Curly coats can be found on a variety of pure breeds as well as mixed breeds. Within these varieties you'll find many coat textures and densities and each will require the use of different types of shears and products to achieve a beautiful trim and crisp finish. In this seminar, top competitors and Groomteam USA members, Mackensie Murphy and Anne Francis will demonstrate their scissoring skills on three different commonly seen curly coat varieties. They will discuss the various lengths and preferences of their shears, the types of cutting edges they prefer for each coat type and recommendations of products to assist in achieving the best finish for the various types of curly coats that they will be demonstrating on. Whether you groom oodles of poodles or cute, curly mixed breeds, this is a seminar you don't want to miss!

Mobile: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

Brett Wilson

Mobile is all the rage these days. What better way to groom less and make more? However, mobile comes with its challenges and obstacles. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of mobile and how it relates to 1) Routing 2) Maintenance 3) What to Charge 4) Adding Additional Units 5) REBOOKING! Whether you have a mobile currently or are looking to begin mobile, this class is for you. Learn some tricks and tips to more effectively operate your mobile business and enjoy the luxury of a mobile schedule.