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Sunday Programs

In And Out With Style

Jodi Murphy

Time is money in this industry. We have all heard that phrase before. Getting your dogs groomed in a timely fashion can be difficult if your clients are not on a good grooming schedule. Jodi will share with you her tips to encourage your clients to rebook. Learn how to put style on your dogs and transform your trims from plain to stylish. Jodi will help you capture the expression of your pet trims.

Bread & Butter Grooming: Poodle

Kathy Rose

Kathy shares her tips to smooth scissoring techniques for the everyday groomer. Kathy will show you how to achieve a show worthy poodle clip easily and timely by combining clippering and scissoring for the perfect finish. Watch as she transforms the everyday poodle into a smoothly scissored pet that you would be proud to send walking out of your salon. Don't miss the chance to see this informative Poodle demo with the woman who judges the best of the best.

Making Yourself An Invaluable Employee

Anne Francis

Anne Francis has been grooming at The Village Groomer & Pet Supply for 21 years. She was key in keeping the business running when her employer had a life-altering accident in 2015. She has created a place in the business model where she understands and can run every aspect of the store, including grooming and retail sales. Creating job security at a salon you love may mean more than being a great groomer. Come to this program to learn how to create job security and make yourself an amazing asset to your employer.

The Complete Mobile Groomer: Nuts And Bolts

Mary Oquendo

The goal of this seminar is to familiarize you with the details of being a mobile groomer so you can make decisions that work for your needs. Topics in this seminar include scheduling, routing, contacting clients, gen vs. invertor vs. cords, size/breeds/cats, extra services, retail, supplies, equipment, and environment.

May The Force Be With You

Dan Williams

Common dryers, including “stand,” “cage,” “high velocity” and “force,” are reviewed, with a focus on the equipment’s primary and secondary uses. A series of charts, graphs, color photos, and text assist audience groomers to select the proper dryer for a specific application and groom shop. Force dryers are discussed in detail. The differences between single motor and double motor dryers used in high velocity or force type dryers are discussed. Also covered is the double motor configuration and the pros and cons of series and parallel configurations.

You’re Quite A Character!

Anne Francis

Anne Francis has been recognized with The Taxi Award at The New England Pet Grooming Professionals repeatedly. She loves to bring out the sweet character of the pets she cares for. In this program, Anne will discuss her method of bringing artistry to pets that highlight their beauty and character. Sometimes small changes bring about a whole new feeling to a dog’s haircut! There is a demo in this workshop.

Drop Coats

Sue Watson

Here we go again, another little drop coated dog has scheduled an appointment. Before it even comes into the shop you're stressing about it, you're worried it won't look good enough. Are the clients going to like it? Ugh, I can never get the finish right! Stress no more, Sue can show you how to get a better finish and maybe even enjoy doing this type of coat!

The Revolutionary Groomer

Sarah Ottinger

In this in-depth seminar, Sarah will teach healthy and effective techniques to uplift the attitude, decrease stress and exhaustion, attack negativity, increase energy, and create a positive and thriving salon work environment that will maximize profit and success. This class is designed to put you on top of your game and bring out the best salon in town. Attitude is everything. Learn about the five senses, how they affect our attitude and how to positively influence these senses by creating a happier, healthier lifestyle while on the clock. Some of the exciting topics Sarah will discuss are energy /metabolism boosting snacks/meals, the diffuser and effective oils, salon design and order, quick and easy workouts, building confidence, tips and so much more!
You won't want to miss this revitalizing class. Become the BEST YOU and build the BEST SALON.

Understanding The Foundations Of Skin

Dr. Cliff Faver

The most important part of grooming is starting with healthy skin and hair. By understanding the science of what you do on a daily basis can make a difference for the health of the pet, happiness of the client, and the satisfaction of you in your profession. Knowledge is power!

Body Language Of Cats

Mary Oquendo

Learn to speak cat. Cats have a complex system of communication that is easier to understand once you have all the parts to the puzzle. Join Mary in this seminar to learn how to put the puzzle of cat communication together.

Difficult Dog Days With Tammy

Tammy Siert

Have you ever felt stressed the minute you see a particular dog on your schedule? Is this dog difficult? Is the client difficult? Tammy will give you tips for dealing with these difficult dogs and client. Learn how this can actually help your bottom line by advertising that you’re experienced in handling dogs that require special needs. Whether it’s a dog that bites and hates grooming or an old dog that can’t stand. Tammy will help you understand the signs that dogs give and techniques to help make their experience the best one yet.

Olga’s Grooming Time Savers

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will discuss how to save time during washing, brushing, dematting, and styling dogs. She will discuss planning the right schedule and using proper tools to help make the grooming process easier. You will enjoy Olga’s unique direct style and her “New Jersey accent” - as she puts it - honed from her homeland in Russia. You will appreciate her hard work ethic and her winning style as one of the top competitors in the world.

Am I Really Making Money?

Brett Wilson

Are you working harder for less income? Are your debts growing, while your income is shrinking? Where is the profit in the grooming industry? Take a dive into your bookkeeping, and learn once and for all how to make real money in this ever-changing business. This cost-analysis based seminar will truly show you where every penny of your business is spent, down to how much it costs per dog for shampoo.

Prep Basics

Pam Lauritzen

In this outstanding power point and practical skills demonstration, Pam will present an in-depth analysis of brushes, combs, dematting, shed control and tools of the trade used to prepare and maintain the pet’s coat. She’ll discuss how to select the appropriate tools and demonstrate how to attain the best results. Let Pam show you how to formulate a topical conditioning regimen for skin and coat care, and demonstrate proven and effective “short cuts” that will help you reduce preparation, dematting, bathing and drying time while producing outstanding results. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary and enlightening presentation.